How CCTV Can Foil Unwanted Intrusion into Your Home

We all know how burglar activity can play havoc with our valuables as well as the safety of ourselves and our family members. In most cases we tend to look afar to determine the source of burglar activity without knowing that they may be operating from right next door. At Sydney CCTV Installation we know that these instances actually happen and we assure existing and potential customers that the best way of finding out is by installing a CCTV surveillance system in the their houses. The cameras will soon tell who the culprits are and where they operate from.

Fast in and fast out is the classic burglar strategy

Every burglar has a template operating strategy which consists basically of getting into a premise fast, do the act and exit the targeted site just as fast. Of course, this dual act must be done without the possibility of being seen and caught, a result that every burglar detests. What is more dangerous is the likelihood of you standing in the way of a fleeing thief and getting injured. This has often happened and while burglars have been caught from direct confrontations, it is far better to scare them off rather than standing in their way and installing a CCTV security system may do exactly that.

Other damages burglars can inflict

By confronting a burglar you stand the chance of not only getting injured or worse, but you also open the way for a physical brawl to start and a chain reaction will take place. In the ensuring fracas damage can be cause to valuable items in your house. The living room furniture, dining table, mirrors, mantelpiece items, stools and other furniture pieces stand a good chance of been partly or totally damaged. You yourself will stand a very good chance of being injured without mentioning what may happen to your loved ones. What if the burglar is carrying defensive weapons?

High risk of losing wealth and valuables

Recent studies show that on average, burglarised home owners stand to lose over a thousand dollars  in valuables that can include jewellery and cash. This is by no means low especially when one adds the entire trophy of burglarized homes in Sydney and suburban sprawl that comes close to hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. This is indeed a handsome booty that makes it worthwhile for any burglar to continue breaking into homes and other premises and reap the rewards. Despite all this, we tend to think that we will never be burglarized and this is the crux of the problem.

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