Criminals Usually target the most obvious spots

Your Doors and Windows are Prime Burglar Targets

You know that burglars are attracted to wealth like bees are attracted to nectar rich flowers and the beehive. Having such knowledge should make you realize that you need to take steps to protect that wealth from the greedy hands of burglars. Instead of enriching your abode with wealth like bees do to their beehive, burglars do the exact opposite by subtracting from your wealth which can ruin your life. Nothing but a systematic approach to your security entry points will make you overcome the problem. Your entry points are of course your doors and windows.

Suspect entry points are burglar favourites

Studies have shown that of their own admission, thieves have listed doors carelessly left open as the prime method of getting access inside many buildings especially homes. Many have volunteered information that one of their pranks is to loiter about in a neighbourhood and diligently observe for weaknesses that may become apparent during the day. After the observation exercise, they would depart and return at night to explore what they discovered during the day. The will look for access to the basement first, or entry into the side doors, garage doors connected to the main house and of course the windows. These are entry points you shouldn’t overlook in fortifying for greater security.

The deterrents to thwart burglar thieving efforts

While burglars have been busy in trying to capitalize on the apparent security weaknesses of the entry points in your houses, we have been equally busy in identifying the exact deterrents that will foil their extremely unsocial behaviour. We have very bright lights that can illumine your grounds and scare off the most stalwart of burglars. In addition, we also have excellent CCTV cameras that can take crystal clear images even at night with their infra-red capability. We store a whole range of surveillance cameras in such numbers there’s no chance of us running out of supply when you buy them.

We have alarm systems by the truck loads

In addition to the latest and most sophisticated CCTV camera surveillance systems, we have such an overwhelming number of different alarm systems that you can be confident of finding the right system that you need. Your needs can also be met by our single camera unit that will take care of a specific location such as the front door or your basement just in case a burglar uses it to enter your house. We can also provide a security system with a multi- camera configuration starting from 4, 6 or 8 cameras that can be placed at different places or intervals for maximizing your security.

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