About Us

Sydney CCTV Installation is a local Sydney based security company specializing in the Installation & Upgrading of security products.

With a team whose industry experience spans decades, no job is too difficult and we supply and install quality security products to ensure your security performs year after year.

We cater for Home and business and take pride in quality workmanship and offering competitive systems within your budget.

We can help you with Alarm systems, HD and CCTV camera systems with remote view from off site, Intercoms, access control and your Network and phone cabling requirements.

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Our Professionals are the Pride of Our Business

We know that professionalism and excellence are the mainstay of every business much more so if the business deals with security and safety like ours does. At Sydney CCTV Installation we take pride in employing the most skilled professionals there are in all of Sydney. They are qualified and committed and are experts at confronting and even pre-empting the activities of burglars. They are true experts when it comes to configuring systems that can address specific security problems and can successfully install security systems for maximum effect.

The true measure of professional expertise

Many people think that security consists only of proficient placement of excellent equipment and devices in a specific location. While this claim is true, the real measure of a security system lies in its effectiveness. That is, its effectiveness in thwarting the efforts of burglars who are always trying to enter homes for the purpose of profiteering from innocent hard working folks. In achieving this goal the CCTV security system proves itself as an invaluable asset and it does this when it puts up the clearly recognizable images of burglars for positive identification.

Selecting the right system is not easy

Many aspects of a security need must be taken into account before you can even think about installing the system. An on-site inspection must be carried out to determine the characteristics of the house or premise, the type of crimes that prevail, the layout of the building and the land, the number of cameras needed, the likely cost of a system, whether it should be a wired or wireless system and so forth. A satisfactory solution to all these questions is bound to lead to the selection of a system that will effectively address the security issue.

Configuring the system is the next step

Needless to say, a CCTV security system does not involve only one item but a collection of several items that need to be configured by our qualified experts into an effectively functioning unit or units. Configuring a highly effective system will depend on the size of the building in question, its height, distances between power source and cameras and so forth. Placement of the security system will also depend on the number of blind or vulnerable spots and whether it is a wired or wireless system. After everything has been worked out, the installation of the system can proceed.

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