CCTV Installations around the Home

The Primary Issue about the Home

There’s little doubt the most important issue that applies to the home these days is the question of safety and security. It is for this very important reason that Sydney CCTV Installation goes to great lengths in ensuring that the product it procures from manufacturers are nothing but the very best. This has been a long standing practice by the company and the results have paid huge returns for the company. By obtaining the very best of products from manufacturers, our customers also get the latest and best products on the market which is exactly what they want.

Combining efforts to enhance security

To have strong overall security of a home plus a CCTV camera system is one prerequisite that every home owner should aspire to have. By this is meant that a home should have strong defences from its very outer perimeter right up to the front, side and back doors. This is the very reason why our professional CCTV installers also act as ground inspectors to make sure your front gate, fence, bushes and trees do not pose a security risk. Even the doors and windows are not neglected from the general inspection to ensure that all points of entry are secure from unwanted intrusion.

Each line of defence needs attention

The overall strength of the outer perimeter defences of your home is critical to the general security of your home even before you think of installing a CCTV security system. The vanguard such as the fence, bushes and trees located on your property should be checked for any weaknesses and strengthened wherever possible. Thieves themselves have actually volunteered information during questioning that bushes, trees and exceptionally high walls are excellent hiding places. They should be of light colours to make movements easy to view and excess vegetation removed.

Special attention for doors and windows

Strengthening the defences of your house starting from the fence and progressing to the main house is a prudent strategy to implement and so is due attention to your doors and windows. Your doors should be doubly reinforced with highly strong timber and should be securely lockable during nights when danger lurks all around in the neighbourhood. You should strongly bolt your windows so they are locked shut tightly again during night time and during the day when no one is in the building. Any tall trees that can provide entrance via the windows should be cut down.

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